Construction Job Descriptions


There are a lot of construction projects that are ongoing all over the world today, and therefore there are also many jobs available for different descriptions be it in building houses, roads or bridges. Depending on the project that has been started, there are a lot of people that should be given responsibilities to contribute in ensuring that the project is completed successfully and that all the safety requirements are met to provide structures that can last long enough. There are many examples of construction jobs that can be done by different classifications of workers whereby there can be unskilled workers to handle the manual functions, the semi-skilled workers handling the less complicated machinery while the skilled persons deal with the crucial and strategic jobs that require a lot of precision and skill. Read more about construction estimator jobs here.

One job description for a building job is the architect who is responsible for imagining the way a certain building, road or bridge is supposed to look when it has been completed, and then he will put it in drawing by designing the all the required aspects of the project. When the designed building or infrastructure is accepted by the organization seeking to construct it, a cost estimator is then hired to come and analyze all the requirements such as construction materials, the machinery that will be sued and also the amount of labour that should be employed to ensure completion of the job within the specified time frame. After knowing all the estimates, the cost estimator will then come up with a rough figure to indicate the amount of money that will be required to complete the project in time.

The third category of construction jobs now falls to the construction foreman who is hired to oversee the process from its start until the end with his duty being to make sure that all the work is running according to plan and the building or infrastructure being built will meet the quality expected by the owner. Learn more about construction recruiter here.

A bricklayer is another person whose skill will now be needed to ensure that the base of the house or infrastructure is laid followed by the rest of it whereby the materials are mixed in accordance with quantity specifications allowed.

During construction, equipment operators are also required to be present to operate the machinery that will be used during the construction process including the cement mixers, the drills and the excavation trucks.

Lastly, after the structure has been built, a carpenter can be brought in to do the roofing while an electrician can be hired to do wiring.


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